May 13-16, 2024    |    Montreal, QC

Who We Are

The aviation world is made up of a multitude of career paths; engineers, pilots, mechanics, fuelers, air traffic controllers, and lawyers, to name a few. The Canadian Women in Aviation (CWIA) Conference will bring together women of all ages, and industry leaders with the intention to educate, connect, and inspire more women to explore careers in aviation.

The Canadian Women in Aviation (CWIA) Conference is led and organized by three co-chairs. Madison Coutu (Apex Aircraft Sales Ltd.), Heather Hills (Porter Airlines), and Frances To (Air Canada). In addition to the three co-chairs, there is a large team of volunteers that make up different committees to help with the Conference.

The overall objective of the 2024 Canadian Women in Aviation Conference has evolved. While still providing a great opportunity for women from all areas of aviation to come together; the Conference will hold true to three pillars: to educate – learning about historically male-dominated trades within the aviation world; to connect – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know; and to inspire – if you can dream it, you can do it.


To connect, educate, and inspire women from all areas of aviation and aerospace.


To connect, educate, and inspire women by bringing together women from all areas of aviation and aerospace, learning from influential leaders, and supporting future generations to explore careers within the industry.



Madison knew that aviation would be her passion after an inspiring Helicopter tour around Toronto when she was a young girl. After getting her start as a Flight Attendant for Porter Airlines, she attended Brampton Flight College's Professional Pilot Program. Since graduating in 2020 she has worked as Sales Representative for Apex Aircraft Sales, previously working as a King Air 350i First Officer for NexGen Aviation and as a Flight Instructor. In addition to her professional life, she currently serves on the Junior Board of the Northern Lights Aero Foundation. She is incredibly grateful for the people and inspiring experiences aviation has brought into her life and is eager to see what the future holds.


Frances is an experienced customer experience, and operations manager for Canada's largest airline. Born and raised in Calgary, she currently resides in Richmond, BC. Her passions include building a strong support system for young girls and women in the aviation industry; engaging in discussions that support the mental health of frontline employees; and helping develop leadership skills in young persons. She is elated to co-chair the 2024 Canadian Women in Aviation Conference and cannot wait to meet all attendees!


Heather is a First Officer at a Canadian regional airline who was born in England and raised in Hong Kong and Canada. Heather holds a degree in business administration and graduated from the Integrated Transport Airline License program at the Brampton Flight Centre where she worked as an instructor for a year before taking up her current position. Heather is involved with several women in aviation organizations, where she has found meeting and working with so many incredible people to be extremely fulfilling. She is looking forward to meeting many more as one of the co-chairs of the 2024 Canadian Women in Aviation Conference.